Six years in, we’re certainly no stranger to the weirdness of IFC’s Portlandia, but even Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have to admit Season 6 will hit some uncharted territory. The first clip from the new season has arrived, along with some elegant key art of its 2016 premiere, as Fred and Carrie make an unexpected new connection.

Ahead of its January 21 premiere, Portlandia has weirded out its first clip of the season’s third episode, in which the baser versions of Fred and Carrie take their relationship to another level. If that weren’t rigid enough for you, IFC also debuted some new posters by famed artist photographer Tina Barney.


So reads the Portlandia Season 6 synopsis:

In season six, Fred and Carrie deliver even more of their Portland point of view:  a couple inadvertently create a ramen noodle monster that wreaks havoc on the city while the Mayor tries to lure a tech company to Portland… Doug and Claire break up, only to wind up frustrated by a way-younger party girl and an overly caring feminist, respectively… Dave and Kath decide to run a marathon that takes place the following day… The Mayor puts the moves on Carrie with a canister of frozen sperm from his office refrigerator… Fred turns grey overnight and, in seeking answers from the universe, gets sucked into a black hole.

Additionally, returning guest stars for the season will include Steve Buscemi, Kumail Nanjiani, Natasha Lyonne, and Kyle MacLachlan, joining newbies Louis C.K., Jillian Bell, Arrested Development alum Alia Shawkat, and Robert Smigel. The series has already been renewed for Season 7, and is likely to end with the eighth.

Stay tuned for a full trailer for the Portlandia Season 6 premiere, and keep it weird with the clip above.