Comic-Con 2012 is almost here and if you're headed to San Diego, you'll see a familiar face: 'Prometheus.' But wasn't 'Prometheus' at last year's Comic-Con? And didn't 'Prometheus' hit theaters earlier this month? Yes to both, but the viral game continues and will be looking for "new recruits" at Comic-Con 2012.

Exact details on what 'Prometheus' is planning at Comic-Con 2012 remains to be seen but the old Project Prometheus web site has been updated with a note that they're recruiting at this year's Comic-Con (along with the note you can see above - "details coming soon").

The news was accompanied by the video below, which doesn't do a whole lot of explaining but shows off a recruit talking about how happy she is while the 'Prometheus' trailer glitches in and out.

We're assuming this is all to promote the 'Prometheus' DVD and Blu-ray out in October, which will likely promote the fact that it will feature all these deleted scenes that will provide the answers and closure people are searching for. Spoiler Alert: you'll find no more answers in the 'Prometheus' DVD than Elizabeth Shaw found on that alien planet.

Check out the video below and keep your eyes out at Comic-Con 2012 for the 'Prometheus' recruiters...