You’ve probably already dropped whatever it is you were doing to read this news, which is wise because it’s definitely drop-whatever-you’re-doing-worthy (unless you’re holding a baby in your arms, in which case, maybe don’t drop it). Paul Thomas Anderson is in talks to reunite with There Will Be Blood star Daniel Day-Lewis for a new period drama, this time set in the ’50s. And as both director and actor are always doing the unexpected, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised that the new project takes place in the world of New York fashion.

Although nothing is officially in place as of yet, Variety reports that Paul Thomas Anderson has been working on a screenplay for the untitled drama and meeting with actresses “of Eastern European descent” for supporting roles, while Daniel Day-Lewis is in talks to play the lead role after being “loosely attached” to the project for a while.

Day-Lewis won an Oscar for his incredible performance in Anderson’s There Will Be Blood, and has not been seen in a film since 2012, when he played the title role in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. Not only might the great actor return to the big screen, but he might be doing it in the best way possible. And while a ’50s fashion world drama sounds kind of, you know, fine on paper, it suddenly becomes the most exciting project in the world when these two names are involved.

Anderson’s last feature film was the divisively hazy noir Inherent Vice, and since then he’s directed music videos for Radiohead and Joanna Newsom. He also helmed the short music doc Junun. Last summer, Anderson was reportedly working on the screenplay for Robert Downey Jr.’s long-developing live-action Pinocchio movie, which Ron Howard is now attached to direct.