Microsoft touted more than a dozen different games would be coming exclusively to the Xbox One in the first year. One such title is from longtime Microsoft Studios team Remedy. The devs behind Max Payne and Alan Wake return with a new franchise called Quantum Break, which will blur the line between gameplay and television.

The first trailer doesn't really offer a lot in the way of story or gameplay, but there are certainly some interesting images in Remedy's footage. The combination of real actors with rendered graphics intimates the line really will fuzzy at best. If you can remember, Alan Wake was broken up into episodes even though the game came complete on one disc. The experience was very much rooted in the serialized television model, and with Quantum Break, Remedy may very well be taking that to the next level.

A lot of time was spent during the Xbox One's reveal discussing the ways in which the console will be an all-in-one device for all the entertainment in your living room. It was only a matter of time until a game came along that pushed that model even further. Syfy's and Trion's Defiance launched a television show simultaneously with an MMO, and we could be seeing something very similar here with Quantum Break, though with content created exclusively for the Xbox One.

We should learn more about Remedy's plans at E3 in a few weeks, but what do you think of the idea now? Would you be interested in a game that fuses television with gameplay?

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