What a year to be Rebecca Ferguson. After impressing audiences on the small screen in The White Queen, Ferguson made the leap to the big screen and blew some minds with her action-packed role in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Since then, we’ve been eager to see her do more, and it looks like Ferguson is about to take over the movie world, with potential roles in Prometheus sequel Alien: Paradise Lost and crime thriller The Snowman — both starring Michael Fassbender.

Deadline reports that Ferguson is in talks to join Fassbender in The Snowman, the new crime thriller from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy director Tomas Alfredson, based on Jo Nesbo’s detective novel of the same name. Martin Scorsese is executive producing the film (he was once eyeing to direct), which centers on a detective investigating the mysterious disappearance of a woman, leading him to eventually believe he may be hunting a serial killer.

Ferguson is also being eyed for another Fassbender film: Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel, which the director recently revealed to be titled Alien: Paradise Lost. There are no firm details on her potential character, though Scott himself recently said that Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Fassbender’s David (and his head) would be encountering a new group of space travelers on their journey to find the Engineers’ home planet.

Ferguson recently turned down a lead role opposite Channing Tatum in Gambit (which is still without a director following Rupert Wyatt’s departure), and instead took a role in the adaptation of The Girl on the Train, co-starring Emily Blunt.

In addition, Deadline also reports that Ferguson is interested in a lead role in Mike Newell’s Guernsey. Whatever she chooses, it’s safe to assume we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Ferguson in the next couple of years.