Often horror sequels run out of steam the further they go along, but -- for one reason or another -- the 'Resident Evil' films have proved very successful, especially internationally. That may be why the sixth film in the franchise is now dated for September 12, 2014 .

This news comes from Shock 'till You Drop, who note that director Paul W.S. Anderson sees this as the end of the second trilogy of films. Anderson directed the first film, then came back on board for the fourth and fifth films, perhaps partly to work his wife and the franchise's star Milla Jovovich. It appears both will be returning for the sixth entry.

Though the franchise might look like its taken some box office hits, it's proved to be hugely popular overseas. The fifth film 'Resident Evil: Retribution' only grossed $42 million domestically, while internationally it made $179 million, which more than covered the film's $65 million dollar budget. This has also proved a solid franchise for Anderson, as some of his other more recent efforts have not done as well (like 'The Three Musketeers'). It sounds like Anderson had been plotting this for a while, so likely he's far along with his script. 'Resident Evil 6' should start shooting this fall.

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