We got more than a good look at Director Paul W.S. Anderson's latest, 'Resident Evil: Retribution,' back at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, but apparently, there was even more to be had as the film had to be cut down for today's theatrical premiere, leaving many scenes to be left unwatched by the public... at least for now.

In an interview with Collider, Anderson revealed that a lot of scenes were deleted to make 'Resident Evil: Retribution' shorter and more intense for audience members. Thankfully though, he revealed that he's working on an alternate cut to be featured on the Blu-ray.

"I love the cut of this movie," he said, "but there is a longer cut that I think wasn't appropriate for theatrical because it does dissipate the intensity. So, you'll get to see what a longer version of the movie looked like. Um... it's got a lot more walking in it."

Also teased in the interview was the possibility of a 'Resident Evil 6,' though, as he made clear, nothing has yet been cemented down. "I do know what the next movie would be, if it is that we make another movie," he said. "When I came back to do 'Afterlife,' I said that ideally I would like that to be the start of a new trilogy, and it would definitely be something I'd like to see to the end. I would love to make another 'Resident Evil' movie... a lot of people die in this film and more in the next film, that I think [a 'Resident Evil 6'] will be the one that brings the franchise to a climax and a close."

In the mean time, while we're waiting for the Blu-ray release and to see if 'Retribution' does well enough to warrant another movie (which how could it not with Milla Jovovich at the head of the castmember pack), re-watch the trailer and double check to make sure you didn't miss any details from the Comic-Con 2012 panel.

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