The ‘Resident Evil’ movies have lasted far longer than anyone could have predicted. (At least, anyone who was being honest.) By this point, they’ve completely distanced themselves from the original Capcom video game to create a wholly unique universe. And loyal fans turn out year after year to see how Alice (Milla Jovovich) continues to rally against the evil Umbrella Corporation. Today, a viral site sets up her next major battle in 'Resident Evil: Retribution.'

The site, found here, appears to be a generic corporate site for a company that would like to help the world’s population. But halfway through the slickly-produced “Welcome” video, Alice interrupts the feed with a series of warnings:

“Don’t believe Umbrella. They’re lying. Don’t trust them,” Jovovich states. “We can fight back!”

And she will in the next ‘Resident Evil’ movie, subtitled ‘Retribution,’ which is due out in theaters on Sept. 14. The fifth film in the franchise once again will be helmed by Paul W.S. Anderson (whose also Jovovich’s husband), with Jovovich being joined by Michelle Rodriguez for the first time since the initial ‘Evil’ back in 2002.

In recent interviews, Anderson has said they have plans for a sixth ‘Evil’ film, and it would mark the franchise’s conclusion. He said whether they make it or not depends on the financial success of ‘Retribution,’ though wecan’t imagine the series getting this far and NOT being able to conclude the way it wants to, on its own terms.

We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime have fun exploring the bogus Umbrella web site – with its downloads, videos, and promise of a tour – and tell us if you unlock any more clues.  (Here's a hint: try logging in to the site with a 4-digit passcode and see what happens....)