Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is as much an out-there sci-fi trip as it is one man’s obsessive quest for McNugget sauce, but there’s a deeper, more existential panic at work. Ahead of Season 3, allow Dan Harmon to allay your fears of universal indifference with a new featurette.

Where last time co-creator Justin Roiland was the one getting deep behind the scenes, this time it’s Harmon walking us through Rick and Morty’s surprisingly profound interpretation of the search for meaning in our universe. For all the cynicism inherent to the show, it’s nice to be reminded that the creators don’t necessarily share the series’ cosmic despair:

In the meantime, we’re still waiting on a formal premiere for Rick and Morty Season 3, last estimated to come out this summer. It’s been months since the surprise premiere on April Fools’ Day, with nary an official word since.

Check out the first promos below, and stay tuned for the latest on Rick and Morty Season 3 as it arrives.

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