Rick and Morty may quest forever in search of the elusive Mulan Szechuan sauce, but creator Justin Roiland has finally gotten his wish. The show’s staff assembled to enjoy the 1998 sauce gifted to them by McDonald’s, and the reviews are in.

Creators Dan Harmon and Roiland took to Twitter to share the Rick and Morty staff basking in the limited edition McNugget sauce that started viral phenomena with its appearance in Season 3 premiere “The Rickshank Redemption.” Old packets of the Mulan tie-in condiment subsequently retailed on eBay for upwards of $14,000, while a recent auction of the same jug sent to Rick and Morty staff went for over $15,000 (the sale fell through, but Deadmau5 purchased it in private).

See for yourself:

@danharmon tries McDonald’s “highly offensive” sauce!

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  A post shared by Justin Roiland (@jroiland) on

We all eating this Ssaaaauuuce

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Writer Mike McMahan added “Okay. The sauce is f—ing delicious. Notes of Panda Express, and sumac. Jk no sumac- sugar and spicy soy sauce. Look, it’s great.” The question remains, will McDonald’s consider a full-fledged return for the sauce, perhaps tied to the live-action Mulan? Said one representative previously:

For now, only a limited amount of Szechuan Sauce got through from the always-1998 dimension. Who knows where space-time will take us because when our customers speak, we listen.

In the meantime, Rick and Morty Season 3 continues on Sunday nights. Watch the latest preview below.

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