We don’t often think about the hours TV stars put into our favorite shows, but the strain very nearly cost us Riverdale star K.J. Apa. The actor endured a recent off-set car-crash unharmed, though production is now under scrutiny for over-working its cast.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Apa’s crash took place after a 16-hour work day in Vancouver, en route to his hotel forty-five minutes away. The actor fell asleep at the wheel and crashed in such a way as to destroy the passenger side against a light pole. As the piece notes, co-star Cole Sprouse very nearly took the ride with him.

Cast and crew are apparently not provided transportation to and from set, with Warner Bros. TV noting that actors generally either handle their own travel, call a taxi or stay in a hotel near set at the studio’s expense. Sprouse has reportedly asked that Warner Bros. start providing transportation in such instances, particularly as the series often shoots into the early morning.

The incident is understandably being connected with a number of recent production-related safety concerns, among them the death of Walking Dead stuntman John Bernecker, and Deadpool 2 stunt rider Joi Harris. Also worth noting; CW Smallville stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum recently recounted an on-set petition for Warner Bros. to provide transportation for Welling, who was similarly forced to drive in unsafe conditions after long work days.

In the meantime, Riverdale production is expected to continue, while the Season 2 premiere arrives on Wednesday, October 10.

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