The last time Rob Reiner directed a psychological thriller, he made one hell of a fine adaptation of Stephen King's 'Misery.' Now he's about to return to the genre and see if he can work that magic again.

Reiner is set to direct 'You Belong to Me,' described by the Hollywood Reporter as being about a psychiatrist "that does the one thing you are never supposed to do with your patients: talk about yourself." Reiner will begin casting the film right away, with production slated to begin this fall in New York City.

The director is best known for romantic comedies and dramas such as 'When Harry Met Sally...' and 'A Few Good Men,' but to be honest, with the exception of 'The Bucket List' with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, his hits in recent years have been few and far between, with critical acclaim also lagging.

Nevertheless, Reiner hit a home run with 'Misery' back in 1990, earning acclaim from both critics and King fans as well as an Oscar for star Kathy Bates, who played a deranged fan holding best-selling author James Caan hostage. The movie is still considered one of the best of the many adaptations of King's work.

Reiner said he has not directed a thriller since because "they are hard to make well, but this one has a deep psychological bent to it and a big twist in the end that I didn’t see coming. That's why I decided to take a whack at this one."

It seems like every thriller has to have a big twist in the end these days, but we'll give Reiner the benefit of the doubt and assume that this one is something special. Are you ready for a new thriller from Rob Reiner? Give us your thoughts below.