Film critic Roger Ebert is a living legend, and his life story is simply fascinating -- fascinating enough to draw the attention of Martin Scorsese, Steve James, and Steve Zaillan, who have optioned his memoir, 'Life Itself.'

Martin Scorsese, Steve James, and Steve Zaillan have optioned film critic Roger Ebert's memoir 'Life Itself,' which was published last year, according to Ebert's own Twitter feed. Steve James is the director of 'Hoop Dreams,' and Steve Zaillan wrote 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,' 'Moneyball,' and 'Gangs of New York,' as well as several other quality films over the last two decades. Martin Scorsese will executive produce the documentary project.

Ebert has been a film critic since the 1960s, working for the Chicago Sun Times and hosting 'At the Movies' with Gene Siskel, who later died of cancer. The two were notoriously contentious on set and off, but remained good friends over the years. Ebert is also a recovering alcoholic, and has documented his experiences with drinking quite well. But the most compelling element of Ebert's life is, no doubt, the thyroid cancer which led to the removal of his jaw, rendering him unable to speak.

He is a true icon of film criticism, and his story is poignant and inspiring -- we can think of no greater gift for a man of Ebert's talent and heart, a man who truly loves cinema, than a film about his life playing on the big screen.