That clip above is the great sizzle reel for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that just debuted at Star Wars Celebration. But if you were watching the live-feed from the convention, you know that right before the panel wrapped up, Kathleen Kennedy introduced a brand-new Rogue One trailer, that wasn’t streamed live on YouTube. If you weren’t in the room, you were out of luck.

But ScreenCrush’s Erin Whitney was in the room and took furious notes. Here’s the description of what the Star Wars celebrators saw:

The trailer opens with a little girl running as a ship flies above her. I assume it’s young Jyn, Felicity Jones’ character. Her voiceover plays over the entirety of the trailer. She says: “There isn’t much time. Everyday we grow weaker, and they grow stronger. This is our chance to make a real difference.” There were shots of Imperial officers, Director Krennic from the back, more Donnie Yen fighting. The last shot shows a full-body reflection of Darth Vader on either a shiny black floor of a ship or across a black radar screen with red glares. The whole thing was pretty short, maybe 1:30.

There you have it. Obviously the biggie is the reveal of Darth Vader in the trailer. On the panel, director Gareth Edwards talked about directing James Earl Jones recording his lines, saying it was a full-on “nerdgasm” listening to him talk and say things like “power” (or “POW-ah”) as only he can. So expect Vader to play a significant role in the film, even if he doesn’t get a ton of screen time.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on December 16, 2016. We’ll definitely see this trailer a lot sooner than that.

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