Ben Affleck may have brought on the charm during his interview on 'Jimmy Fallon,' where he talked about his kids and perhaps even quelled some of the outrage over his Batman casting, but Justin Timberlake has seen his dark side. A new clip from 'Runner, Runner,' starring both of these stars, has dropped online, showing how Bruce Wayne a gambling tycoon deals with his enemies.

In 'Runner, Runner,' the '20/20' singer plays a Princeton grad student who, believing he's been swindled, travels to Costa Rica to confront said gambling tycoon. But he's soon drawn into his dangerous world with little escape routes in his sight, especially when the FBI comes knocking and tries to coerce JT to bring down Affleck.

Back when we got a look at the trailer for 'Runner, Runner,' we saw a snippet of Affleck's mean streak when he threatens to literally throw his enemies to the crocs. Now we have a better look at that, thanks to IGN, which revealed the latest film clip. Will Timberlake be able to button up his "Suit & Tie" and make it out of this alive?

Directed by Brad Furman, 'Runner, Runner' stars Gemma Arterton and Anthony Mackie, and hits theaters October 4.