Before the first season of 'American Horror Story' hit the air, Ryan Murphy fans questioned whether he'd have enough time to manage it alongside FOX's 'Glee.'  When 'The New Normal' went to series at NBC, people questioned whether he'd have time fore it, 'Glee,' and 'American Horror Story.'  Now, Murphy's time will become even more precious as he develops a new hourlong drama with FOX, and yet another NBC comedy!  But, do the new projects sound any good?

That Ryan Murphy sure can do it all, and he'll have even more on his plate this year as he adds two new series to his development slate alongside his current gigs running 'Glee,' 'American Horror Story,' and NBC comedy 'The New Normal.'  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the prolific creator has becun developing a new FOX drama, as well as another half-hour NBC comedy.

While details of the comedy are being kept under wraps, Murphy's FOX drama 'Montauk' will take place in the Long Island town of its namesake, and unfold as a family thriller with a conspiracy element."  Though not confirmed, THR posits that the series might have something to do with The Montauk Project, a series of real-life government experiments into the paranormal.  Murphy will executive produce both projects, with 'Montauk' to be written by 'Apollo 18' scribe Brian miller.

Well, what say you?  Do you think two more series will be too much for Ryan Murphy to handle?  How are you finding the new seasons of 'Glee' or 'The New Normal?'  Tell us if you'll check out 'Montauk' in the comments!