Microsoft and Crytek are getting into the holiday spirit and gifting fans of Ryse: Son of Rome with a free update to Gladiator Mode and the chance to get an add-on pack called the Colosseum Pack.

This free update gives players access to new level events that include an enemy turret that fires arrows at your Gladiator and Reward Statues fashioned after Roman deities that gift you with a boost to your Health or Focus.

For $3.99, fans can also grab the Colosseum Pack. If they bought the Season Pass, it'll be available for them to download at their leisure. The pack includes the Henge and Ascension arenas. Henge is an arena that features an ancient forest shrine while Ascension takes place in Hades' lair.

The Colosseum Pack will also give players two new Gladiator skins, just in case they wanted more customization options. The Commodus skins gives you the golden breastplate of Emperor Nero's crazy son while the Centurion skins gives you the battle-hardened look of a Roman Centurion.

Watch the video above to see all this new content in action.