Ahead of the Xbox One's launch, Microsoft and Crytek have released a new video featuring gameplay from Ryse: Son of Rome.

There are three major elements to combat in Ryse: emotion, mastery and flow. Using well-timed attacks and defensive movements will increase your flow. The better your flow, the more experience you will gain. You can see how the various weapons in Marius' arsenal are used to keep up the combat pace, and dispose of the forces you'll be up against.

Throughout the footage shown, you can see the different ways in which you'll be able to chop foes apart, whether by using your own weapons or the environment. While everything certainly looks impressive, Ryse also appears to bring little else new to the action genre. It's tough to discern from the gameplay footage how well the Kinect-based controls will work, so we're still a bit skeptical about the controls.

Also, did you guys notice how many times the arm and leg were chopped off different enemies? For all the hype about how many animations there are going to be, we sure did see those two same slices an awful lot.

Ryse: Son of Rome will launch alongside the Xbox One on Nov. 22.