Originally slated to release for the Xbox 360, Ryse fell off the radar a few years ago. On Wednesday, it was announced the game will instead be appearing as an Xbox One-exclusive title. Microsoft and Crytek plan to show off this bad boy at this year's E3.

A countdown clock, all in Roman numerals, has started on the game's overview page on Crytek's website. The words "Filius Romae Venit" featured boldly on the page and roughly translates to "son came to Rome."

The game will use enhanced support from the new Kinect to put you into the sandals of a warrior in Ancient Rome. You'll be able to hack, slash, guard with a shield, and kick your enemies using your body and the Kinect's motion-sensing capabilities. Of course, the option to spread your arms out and yell "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" is probably viable as well.

We'll find out more about this title at next month's E3. Until then, let us know what kind of crazy gladiator-like moves you'd want the Kinect to let you do.