Sacha Baron Cohen has made a living with spoofing various cultures, races, sexualities, and anything that has a mouth and breathes. His next subject: 'The Lesbian,' a comedy project for Paramount. Paramount and Cohen have spun the wheel of people to offend -- where did they land this time?

Congratulations, Hong Kong and gay people! You're up next on "Who Will Sacha Baron Cohen Offend This Time?!" Our apologies, but your prize is this Sacha Baron Cohen movie. Variety reports that Cohen is working on developing 'The Lesbian' for Paramount Pictures. The project is based on the true-life story of Cecil Chao, a billionaire from Hong Kong who promised $65 million to any man who could successfully marry his lesbian daughter.

But did he succeed? You'll have to watch the new movie to find out! In all fairness, Cohen's satires are usually pretty hilarious and dig deep to the heart of what makes all people -- not just particular subsets -- terrible. We have a hard time believing he can pass himself off as Chinese, though, so maybe he should do some external hiring for this one, even though he is reportedly set to star.

Chao's story hit the news last week just as a French church blessed the union of his daughter and her longtime girlfriend. And all Cohen apparently needs is a newspaper subscription to come up with movie ideas.