Universal has seen plenty of misfires and almost-hits this year, between 'Battleship' and 'Snow White and the Huntsman,' they didn't have a great summer (though 'Ted' managed to save them a little), while fall picture '47 Ronin' was bumped into 2013. But studios are all about franchises these days, and one of the few films that worked for them in 2012 was 'Safe House.' Big surprise, they want a sequel.

'Safe House' made over $125 Million domestically and over $200 Million worldwide, which -- with a $85 Million budget -- makes it very profitable once ancillaries are rolled into the mix. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that screenwriter David Guggenheim (who penned the first film), has been tapped to write a follow up, and that stars Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington have been approached about appearing in the sequel, with Reynolds more likely than Washington to return for a number of reasons.

Though the film turned a profit, part of that was likely to do with the film's February release date, and lack of competition. The film is pretty forgettable, and other than the sight of Washington's character being waterboarded, there's not a lot of memorable action beats or characters. If the second film revolves around Reynolds getting another prisoner to a safe house, we recommend the title 'Safe House, Too.'