Volition gets in the patriotic spirit with its latest Saints Row 4 trailer, and by golly, you just might after watching it, too.

There's an 'Independence Day' vibe going on, but it's even more chilling and powerful because Keith David's voice commands your attention more than Bill Pullman's did in the classic film. The footage above is short and sweet, but gives us plenty of reason to get excited for the upcoming sequel full of cursing, shooting, cursing, aliens and cursing.

The Saints Row series has always been a blast to play, but the introduction of new elements like super powers and even more bombastic weaponry elevates this entry to new heights. Volition is a strong developer keen on having fun, and we dare say we're more excited for Saints Row 4 than we are Grand Theft Auto 5 merely based on the hilarity factor.

Saints Row 4 will be out on Aug. 20, but you can enjoy a little of its awesomeness right now by watching the trailer above.