In addition to directing an upcoming remake of French drama A Prophet, Sam Raimi is lining up another directing project, and while it’s not a horror film, it does have some unnerving aspects — depending on your point of view. Raimi will direct World War 3 based on George Friedman’s best-selling non-fiction (yes, non-fiction) book The Next 100 Years.

In the 2009 book, the renowned strategist and geopolitical forecaster predicts the future of our world based on existing intelligence and data. That future includes a new Cold War, increased geopolitical influence in Mexico and new technologies that will change the way we live, communicate and fight our wars. Here’s the official synopsis:

A fascinating, eye-opening and often shocking look at what lies ahead for the U.S. and the world from one of our most incisive futurists.

In his thought-provoking new book, George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR — the preeminent private intelligence and forecasting firm — focuses on what he knows best, the future. Positing that civilization is at the dawn of a new era, he offers a lucid, highly readable forecast of the changes we can expect around the world during the twenty-first century all based on his own thorough analysis and research. For example, The U.S.-Jihadist war will be replaced by a new cold war with Russia; China’s role as a world power will diminish; Mexico will become an important force on the geopolitical stage; and new technologies and cultural trends will radically alter the way we live (and fight wars). Riveting reading from first to last, “The Next 100 Years” is a fascinating exploration of what the future holds for all of us.

Via ComingSoon, Raimi will direct the feature adaptation for Bill Block Media and Warner Bros., making this his first film since Oz the Great and Powerful. Just last month, Raimi also signed on to helm a remake of the Oscar-nominated French film A Prophet, based on a screenplay by Shutter Island’s Dennis Lehane.

It’s unclear which film Raimi is committed to filming first, but both projects offer a change of pace for the director whose last four films were big blockbuster studio outings. A Prophet has Raimi playing in a familiar crime story sandbox, but World War 3 offers him the chance to make something that could be akin to Adam McKay’s The Big Short.

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