While the 2013 Oscars commercials weren't as entertaining as say the ones for the Super Bowl, we still got to see a pitch for a gloriously fake new movie called 'Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn of Darkness' from who else but Tim Burton.

Aside from a brief new look at 'Oz, the Great and Powerful,' Samsung was the winner of the 2013 Oscars commercials (if we were crowning awards for such achievements). Although it showcased a handful of new ads, one was made extra special with the appearance of Tim Burton, who most recently brought us 'Frankenweenie.'

In the Samsung commercial, the famous director brought us a pitch for a movie that combines zombies and unicorns, obviously: 'Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn of Darkness,' the movie adaptation of a fake viral game of the same name. "Did you guys know that unicorns are basically goats?"

In case you missed it or just need to re-watch, here's the full Samsung Oscars commercial below: