There was a time when the 'Saw' franchise owned the Halloween season, and it seems that the time is coming when it will return to claim its horror movie throne. According to a report, 'Saw 8' is currently in the works.

The original franchise director James Wan has moved onto greener pastures with 'Insidious' and the incredible 'The Conjuring,' and 'Paranormal Activity' has taken over as king of October. The last time we saw Jigsaw and his seemingly infinite number of collaborators was in 'Saw 3D' back in 2010, which was the seventh film in the series and the first to be a box-office disappointment. But don't think the series is gone for good.

The news of 'Saw 8' comes from Bloody Disgusting, which reports that Lionsgate is "actively developing" an eighth film in the frequently nonsensical (and occasionally very entertaining) horror series. It seems that the studio had toyed with the idea of remaking the first film before ultimately deciding to movie forward with another sequel, and we're glad they're going this route. After all, it's been far too long since we've seen a new horror franchise reach 'Halloween' and 'Friday the 13th' levels of sequel numbering. There's also the 'Saw' franchise's ludicrous attention to detail and continuity, which makes each sequel another zany experiment in retconning everything that came before. Seriously, the seven 'Saw' movies so far make 'Primer' look like an elementary school science class.

Although there is no actual date or director attached at the moment, this is a franchise that's been known to turn a movie around in a matter of months, so if Lionsgate wants to have 'Saw 8' ready in time for October 2014, they can do it, and pretty effortlessly, too. After all, the downright loony 'Saw 3D' opened up all kinds of sequel opportunities. In any case, we're very much looking forward to the inevitable rematch between the 'Saw' and 'Paranormal Activity' franchises.

This is some serious 'Highlander' stuff -- there can be only one.