Welcome to ScreenCrush’s now-sort-of-new feature, the ScreenCrush ScreenCrunch Cereal Of The Week. (Or SCSCCOTW, which, as always, is easier to pronounce.)

Remember that scene in ‘Batman Returns’ when The Penguin (Danny DeVito) is eating fish, resulting in a fish blood and innards smeared across his face? Was your first thought after watching this scene, “I’m hungry”? Or, more specifically, “I wish I could eat a cereal that is somehow related to this scene.” If so -- and it happened to be 1992 – you were in luck because ‘Batman Returns’ cereal exists.

‘Batman Returns’ cereal offered a sweetened Chex-type design, with the addition of marshmallows shaped like Batman’s head, the Batmobile, the Bat-Signal and The Penguin’s hat. (Sadly, no fish.)

Inside, a ‘Batman Returns’ cereal connoisseur could collect four stickers from the movie. Unfortunately, these are “static cling” stickers, which might as well be called “You will be disappointed and will lose these fairly quickly stickers.”

The verdict: No one in the office has ever eaten ‘Batman Returns’ cereal, so we don’t really know for sure. But, really, isn’t all cereal pretty good?

Next Week: We don’t know yet. Probably C-3P0s.