Hey, what's that sound you hear? Why it's the sound of a collective groan from the Xbox One hopefuls at the announcement of Ryse: Son of Rome's season pass.

Ryse: Son of Rome launches alongside the Xbox One of Nov. 22. As one of the console's exclusives, and with its developer being Crytek, the gladiator-focused title has garnered quite a bit of attention and anticipation. The good news is, Crytek is planning on supporting Ryse with new content after launch. The less than stellar news is that there'll be yet another game with a season pass.

For $19.99, you'll be able get a host of content at a 25 percent discount off the standard price.

  • Four add-on packs which contain a total of 14 multiplayer maps, a brand-new mode , six player skins, new level events, and access to a new tier of weapons and armor
  • An in-game sword and shield with bonus attributes for use in multiplayer  that are exclusive to the Season Pass

While new armor and multiplayer maps all sound good in theory, Ryse is an untested property with only Crytek's previous reputation to back it. Whether or not that resume is enough to get players to commit to six months of content without ever trying the game remains to be seen.