While most of the articles regarding the new Hellboy remake have focused on the lack of involvement by Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro, it’s worth nothing that Selma Blair’s Liz Sherman was also an integral part of del Toro’s franchise. Neither fully human nor fully supernatural, Blair’s character served as an important transition point between the film’s two worlds (as well as the main love interest of the titular character). So maybe it’s about time we poured one out for Selma Blair as well; after all, she had just as much involvement in the success of the franchise as anyone.

As part of their coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival this week, Yahoo! Movies spoke with Blair and asked for her reaction to the Hellboy remake. Here’s what the actress had to say:

My heart lies with Guillermo del Toro and his creations of it. My Hellboy world is in Guillermo’s brain and that’s where it stays. They’ll do whatever they’ll do; it’ll be a totally different incarnation. My job is done.

The article also suggests Blair would’ve turned down any part in a Hellboy reboot that didn’t include del Toro or Perlman, suggesting that the film truly was a package deal for everyone involved. And while it’s fair to be excited for the movie that Neil Marshall and company will come up with  —  I’m particularly excited to see David Harbour’s take on the Big Red Devil  —  there’s nothing wrong with pouring one out for the team that was. Hellboy was an odd little curio released at a time where superhero movies were still finding their footing; fans will always be able to look back and enjoy what happens when someone gave del Toro way, way too much money to make his own ridiculous superhero movie.

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