Movies have been replete with unlikely partners and the buddy cop genre is just as often made up of two people who don't want to work together as ones where they're the best of friends. Rodney Rothman has sold a script to Paramount for Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart to play the first interracial police partners during the jazz age. Perhaps they'll start as antagonists and become best of friends?

Though writer Rodney Rothman might not be as well know as the others, he's had a successful career. Rothman started on 'Late Night with David Letterman' and has more recently been producing films with Judd Apatow. All three worked together on the short lived show 'Undeclared,' while Rogen and Hart both starred in 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' (Hart also appears in 'The Five Year Engagement,' which Rothman produced).

This is also interesting as this would be a leap up for Kevin Hart, who's played second banana in a number of films, but he's about to have his moment. Hart recently had a very successful stand up comedy tour and documentary of the show called 'Laugh at My Pain.' It may have only played to urban audiences, but it was a huge success for a concert film.

Currently there is no director attached, though Rothman is about to make his directorial debut with 'The Something' - which is billed as a horror comedy - while Rogen is set to direct his first film with 'The Apocalypse.' Rogen, Hart and Rothman are all producing the film, so it's possible that one of these guys might step behind the camera.