We weren’t terribly surprised to see ‘Twin Peaks’ star Kyle MacLachlan step onstage to bring Showtime president David Nevins a damn fine cup of coffee at the recent TCA panel, the prospect of Showtime’s 2016 revival seeming somewhat ludicrous without its former star. The same can’t necessarily be said of the supporting cast, though it seems Laura Palmer herself, Sheryl Lee may return along with Dana Ashbrook and Sherilyn Fenn.

While speaking at the ‘Twin Peaks’ UK festival, series star Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), shared with the crowd a text from Fenn, subsequently confirming that both he and Sheryl Lee would reprise their roles for Showtime’s revival. Fenn was well-known for her character of high school femme fatale Audrey Horne, while Lee played Laura Palmer, the murder at the center of Dale Cooper (MacLachlan)’s investigation. Oh, and Laura’s cousin Maddy, as well.

David Lynch and ‘Twin Peaks’ co-creator Mark Frost have begun working on the scripts, with Lynch confirmed to direct all 9 episodes of the revival series. The new iteration will also pick up 25 years after the season 2 finale in 1991, which saw MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper in…well, something of a pickle.

For those unfamiliar, the original ‘Twin Peaks’ saw Agent Dale Cooper arriving in the titular town to investigate the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, only to find the mystery ran far deeper than he could ever expect, with a touch of the supernatural.

Showtime has yet to formally confirm which cast members beside MacLachlan will return, but what say you? Who would you like to see populating 2016 ‘Twin Peaks’ when Showtime’s revival steps out of the Black Lodge?

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