Early fans of The Simpsons will recall any of several iconic Sideshow Bob episodes, though the character’s menace has diminished somewhat over the years. Now, producers confirm that Kelsey Grammer’s dulcet tones will return in Season 27 as Bob finally accomplishes his decades-long dream of killing one Bart Simpson.

Speaking at the recent ATX Festival panel (via Entertainment Weekly), executive producer Al Jean revealed that the upcoming “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episode will see Bob finally killing Bart through unspecified means, thereafter contemplating his life’s purpose without the boy. Said Jean of the long-awaited turn, “I hated frustration comedy so we’ll scratch that itch.”

Additionally, producers confirmed that fan-favorite cinematic character “Spider-Pig” will put in an appearance with the 27th season, while no updates have been made on negotiations with mainstay voice actor Harry Shearer. Elsewhere, The Simpsons Season 27 premiere will feature the entire cast of Girls, in particular Lena Dunham as a new love interest for Homer.

Bart will of course return beyond the Season 27 “Treehouse of Horror” installment, but might the vignette finally put Kelsey Grammer’s iconic Simpsons character to rest? What other future might there be for Sideshow Bob?

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