We’ll see quite a bit of Lena Dunham this coming weekend by the ‘Girls’ season 4 premiere, but only hear her when ‘The Simpsons’ returns for its 27th season. The erstwhile Hannah Horvath will officially lend her voice to the FOX animated family’s fall premiere, but what surprising relationship might her character have to Homer?

Per Entertainment Weekly, Dunham will pop in in season 27 premiere “Every Man’s Dream” as tattooed 20-something pharmacist Candace, whom Homer meets after being diagnosed with narcolepsy. The friendship between the pair may take an ill-timed turn, however, as Homer meets Candace during a particularly rocky stretch of his marriage to Marge.

Wanting to take a unique approach to the animated couple’s latest bout, producer Al Jean previews of Dunham’s appearance:

When things are badly with Marge, he befriends Candace. I don’t want to say what happens but I’ll say with a Stewart [Burns’] script, it’s always unexpected, and this one is definitely not what you would expect…For those who are sick of marriage crisis episodes, it goes in a completely different direction than any before.

Meanwhile, this Sunday will see Dunham’s ‘Girls’ godfather Judd Apatow given his own due by the long-running animated series, as ‘The Simpsons’ finally airs an episode based on a spec-script Apatow had submitted in 1990. By the transitive property, we’ll hopefully see a Lena Dunham-scripted ‘Simpsons’ episode sometime before 2030 as well.

You can check out Dunham’s ‘Simpsons’ character at the link above, and tell us what you want to see by the ‘Girls’ star’s appearance in the fall premiere!

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