A ways back we learned that everyone’s favorite “voice of a generation” Lena Dunham would lend said voice to a new one by guesting on The Simpsons, but true to life, Hannah’s best Girls are coming with. Joining Dunham for the spot will be her HBO co-stars, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke.

While the initial report revealed that Dunham would guest in the Season 27 premiere as a quirky pharmacist named Candace, Entertainment Weekly adds that Williams, Mamet and Kirke will all but in brief vocal cameos as Candace’s friends. Homer meets (and begins a romance with) Candace after Marge files for divorce, but wouldn’t you know it, we bet they’ll end up back together before long.

Asked what the Girls will have to say about Candace’s new man, producer Al Jean offered:

They’re asking her the question that anybody normally would: ‘Why Homer?,’ fulfilling the role that Patty and Selma have played on the show all these years.

The report also notes of the episode that radio talk show host Laura Ingraham will a therapist who finds no hope in Homer and Marge’s marriage. The Girls cast aren’t the only HBO voices we’ll hear join The Simpsons in 2015 either, as the May 3 installment will feature Game of Thrones star Carice Van Houten.

We’ve included a first look at the Girls cast (Williams, Mamet and Kirke from left to right), but what other big-name guest stars should drop by Springfield for The Simpsons Season 27?

The Simpsons Girls Allison Williams Zosia Mamet Jemima Kirke
FOX / Entertainment Weekly

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