The 'Sinister Six' movie was recently bumped up in the timeline so that it will be the next 'Spider-Man' universe movie, coming before 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' and not after, as was originally planned. Director Marc Webb thought while he was making 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' that he'd have another film to build the Sinister Six, but he won't have that luxury. That said, he did talk quite a bit on the 'ASM2' audio commentary about the future of the franchise, including some words about which Spider-Man villains would be appearing as the Sinister Six.

In the video above, you'll hear some relevant audio from Webb, which obviously contains spoilers for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' if you care about such things.

One of the scenes that was famously cut from the film was a shot of Norman Osborn's head in a cryogenic chamber.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Norman Osborn head

Of that, Webb said:

This is our cryogenic head case for Norman Osborn, so we can bring him back for the sequel.

Webb then discussed the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' sorta-post-credits scene (remember that thing where you had to Shazam the Alicia Keys song during the end credits) that showed masks/props hinting at the Sinister Six. Unfortunately, not all of those graphics were crystal clear and Webb had to clarify that, yes, that was Mysterio and Kraven that you saw in the Sinister Six teaser.

Taking all of this information together, it would give us a Green Goblin, Mysterio, Kraven, Doctor Octopus, Vulture and Rhino as the Sinister Six. (Our working theory is that DeHaan's Goblin will be a part of the supervillain team who have to battle to take down Cooper as the Ultimate version of Green Goblin.)

But, 'Sinister Six' is still a ways off, not scheduled to hit theaters until November 11, 2016 and, as Webb even admits, much can still change.

(One final interesting note from Webb: the man in the shadows seen during the original 'Amazing Spider-Man' post-credits scene was supposed to be Electro, but now they just call him "The Gentleman.")

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