With 'Skyfall' the most anticipated movie of 2012 (don't argue) coming out in the fall, we've been shown cool trailers, posters, and actors. But not all of them. Recently released has been a picture of one of the staples of the Bond franchise, that of Q himself.

Actor Ben Wishaw was cast to play the no-nonsense inventor who created items and weapons to help keep 007 alive on his dangerous missions. And now we've got our first look at Mr. Whishaw in action with Daniel Craig standing right behind him.

No, he's not the old, scraggly Q we're used to, but that's ok. Today's Bond is going the younger route and having a whiz kid Q in his thirties is fine by us. As long as he gives Bond gadgets that are actually useful and not silly, like laser watches and 'Quantum of Solace' screenplays.

Whishaw has co-starred with Craig before in 'Layer Cake' and is going to be appearing in the Wachiowski movie 'Cloud Atlas.' It's been a long time since we've seen you Mr. Bond. Welcome back from your vacation. Or were you actually too busy preventing a nuclear war to appear in a new movie the last couple of years? We may never know.

'Skyfall' opens in the UK October 26th and in the states on November 9th.