It's been four years since our last James Bond adventure. Four long years of re-watching the great 'Casino Royale,' complaining about how disappointing 'Quantum of Solace' was and waiting for MGM's legal difficulties to untangle themselves so the great 007 could return to the screen. Finally, the wait is over. 'Skyfall' is on the way and the first trailer looks fantastic.

With Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes and cinematographer Roger Deakins (one of the serious All-Time Greats) on hand, we knew that 'Skyfall' was going to be a good looking movie, but were we expecting something that looks this stylish, cool and sexy (three vital elements in any Bond film)? The trailer gives us no plot to speak of, but it teases a number of big action set pieces, gives us a glimpse at a few new faces (namely Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris) and sets up a pretty big mystery: what the heck is Skyfall and why is Bond so desperate to avoid talking about it?

Some 007 fans have taken issue with the last few films in the now fifty-year-old series, citing the dour tone and a more layered, complex Bond as problems. However, the beauty of this character is his ability to change. Bond means something different in every era and Daniel Craig's take on the character (tortured, rough and well aware of the blood on his hands) has been an incredible shot in the arm for the series. If the trailer is any indication, 'Skyfall' is another evolutionary step into into a brave new future for Her Majesty's greatest secret agent.

'Skyfall' opens on November 9, 2012. Watch the first trailer below: