Though the boom years of Hollywood remaking horror classics from the seventies and eighties seems to have come and gone, there are still some stragglers -- like the recent version of 'Carrie' -- that have yet to be redone. Today there was word of a new ',' and -- to keep in the Halloween spirit -- 'Sleepaway Camp' is now up for remaking.

This news comes from Deadline as Jeff Katz, former producer over at 20th Century Fox and New Line, has optioned the rights to the franchise, and from his own word the biggest reason why it took so long for the original to be remade was because the owners of the material only recently decided to sell the rights.

The first film became a cult hit because of its shocking ending, as the film followed the "slasher in a summer camp" formula until its big twist at the end, which is still effective today (even if it's not exactly PC). 'Sleepaway Camp' spawned at least three official sequels, with the second and third films notable for the appearance of Pamela (sister to Bruce) Springsteen, and at least two films that tried to connect themselves with the original.

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