It's no secret that many people guest host Saturday Night Live to promote upcoming projects or films, but some handle the whole "plug my project while I make you laugh" thing better than others. Well, Anne Hathaway is a terrific multi-tasker: she managed to plug 'Les Miserables' while leading an inspired and rousing opening to last night's show.

It begins like your typical SNL monologue, with Hathaway taking the stage and expressing her excitement to be there and being gracious toward the cast and crew. Of course, one of the unwritten rules of SNL monologues is that the more normal they start, the stranger they'll ultimately get. Soon after she talks about how hard the everyone works six days out of the week, Jason Sudeikis joins her on the stage and things get...musical. Soon enough, the entire cast is up there, singing about how wonderful Sundays (their one day off every week) are to the tune of "One Day More" from 'Les Miserables." Funny? Yep! Plug for upcoming project that also showcases Anne Hathaway's singing voice? Yep! Mission accomplished.

If anything, this sketch proves that the SNL cast needs to break into song more often. Who knew that most of these people could sing this well?