And like that, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders became the third presidential hopeful to appear on SNL this season. While Donald Trump hosted an entire episode last year and Hillary Clinton put in a brief appearance as a bartender counseling Kate McKinnon’s version of her, Sanders’ cameo is a bit more disconnected and bit weirder. Most importantly though, it puts him right next to guest host Larry David, who has been playing him in the show’s political sketches this season.

Although the sketch does take an odd political turn in its final moments, it spends the bulk of its time being a fairly straightforward SNL bit, albeit one with a distinctive Larry David tinge. A ship has begun to sink, the passengers are panicking, and the captain starts ordering everyone to the life boats, demanding women and children first. But one passenger, played by David of course, doesn’t understand the logic of that decision and starts wondering why the men are being neglected and questioning the age and worthiness of everyone who boards a lifeboat. The sketch is fine, mainly because David excels at this kind of “terrible behavior” comedy.

And then Bernie Sanders enters the scene and explains his political philosophy on the situation, just in time for the scene to reach a conclusion. Sanders only gets one good joke (the one about his last name), but the whole enterprise is worth it just to see him share the stage with David.

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