It‘s common for ‘SNL’ to recruit guest hosts from whoever has something new to promote, but it‘s rare for that guest host to participate in a sketch that tears apart the very thing they showed up to help sell. And yet, that's what happened when Cameron Diaz hosted, playing her character in the upcoming remake of ‘Annie’ in a sketch that's all about how genuinely weird the film looks.

As she does in the upcoming film, Diaz plays the foster mother to a group of orphan girls, who spend their days cleaning, singing, and modifying classic lyrics for the hip new version of the musical they’re living in. And then Jay Pharoah shows up playing Jamie Foxx playing the new take on the Daddy Warbucks character and things really come together (mainly because Pharoah's Foxx impression is just plain uncanny). He’s here to adopt an orphan girl named Annie and he flat-out rejects the “traditional” white, redheaded version (Vanessa Bayer). He wants the new black version! And then things get really weird, culminating in a musical sequence built on a joke so obvious and dumb that it transcends itself and loops back around to being great.

The sketch leaves us not wanting to see the remake of ‘Annie’ (ouch), but it does leave us wanting to see these people appear in a remake of ‘Annie.’

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