We’re all a bit relieved to have the absurdity of Donald Trump’s SNL hosting gig behind us, and the odds are ever in our favor with Elizabeth Banks’ hosting debut. The Hunger Games star forms an alliance with Kenan Thompson for her first SNL promo, and only one of them leaves alive.

After assuring Kenan The Hunger Games would kill him almost immediately, the relatively brief promos introduce us to “Elizabeth Bangs,” and play off Kenan’s low self-esteem. We’ll likely see additional spots later in the week with musical guest Disclosure, especially considering the brevity of our first promos.

Following Elizabeth Banks’ SNL hosting debut, November 21 will see True Detective star Matthew McConaughey taking the stage once more, joined by musical guest Adele. Either entry should prove more worthwhile (if less watched) than last week’s Trump-devoid outing with Sia, but in the meantime, check out Elizabeth Banks’ first promos above, and prepare for the next Hunger Ga … er … SNL this weekend. Chins up, smiles on.

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