Every year at SNL brings with it a bit of turnover, and current senior member Kenan Thompson has frequently become a target of speculation. We’ve one week left in the iconic 40th season, though Kenan himself assures us that his SNL exit lies much further in the future.

Speaking with Marc Maron on the comedian’s WTF podcast, Thompson definitively stated that not only would the upcoming Season 40 finale with Louis C.K. not be his last with the series, but also that he’ll return for Season 41. Thompson also spoke to the initial rumors that emerged last year from TMZ:

Well they said that at the beginning [of the season] for some reason. People I guess thought they had some info and just threw that story out. And we denied it immediately, but the only thing people remember is [that someone said I was leaving].

At 12 seasons and counting (fall 2015 will mark the 13th), Thompson ranks as the senior-most member of the current cast, and the longest-running African-American cast member. The former All That star joined the cast in 2003, while NBC representation has corroborated reports that he’ll stay through at least next season.

What kind of turnover can we expect with Season 41? Stay tune for the SNL Season 40 finale with Louis C.K. and Rihanna this weekend, as well as the latest news.

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