Normally, when a guest host on ’SNL’ breaks into song during their opening monologue, it feels like a last resort, like no one in the writer’s room could come up with a better idea. And for a moment, it seems that way for Amy Adams, who talks about everyone really needing to enjoy their holiday season before the rest of the cast joins her to sing “We Need a Little Christmas.” But it’s all part of an elaborate set-up, since the great Kristen Wiig shows up to save the monologue and show Adams how to really celebrate the holidays.

Wiig sets the tone when she is literally carried in by a quartet of very attractive men in reindeer costumes and completely blows off Adams when she accuses her of crashing her monologue (she simply stopped by uninvited!). The jokes that follow aren’t especially smart or even all that clever, but Wiig is effortlessly entertaining and Adams plays the perfect straight-man, with the two of them bouncing off each other and showing a surprising amount of chemistry. Sexy dancing, singing with massively incorrect lyrics, a very festive hat, maracas, and an unfortunate attempt to do the splits follows.

Way to go, ‘SNL.’ Now all you’ve done is make us wish for Adams and Wiig to star in a movie together.