SNL burst out of the gate for Season 42 over the weekend, having spent a summer in transition with headline after headline passing them by. Leslie Jones in particular had something to say about the hack she suffered in August, recruiting Mr. Robot himself to track down the culprit in a new sketch.

The pre-taped sketch from Margot Robbie’s hosting debut saw Pete Davidson as an eerie lookalike for Emmy-winner Rami Malek, as Leslie Jones seeks out the USA hacker’s help to find her victimizers. This marks the second time Jones has made light of the subject, including the Emmy bit that saw the Ghostbusters star looking to up her personal photo security.

The sketch impressively nails the tone of Mr. Robot (even shooting in some of the same locations for effect), but really hits the nail on the head when Jones actually stops to correct the series’ infamous off-center framing.

In the meantime, SNL will be back this coming Saturday with Lin-Manuel Miranda and musical guest twenty one pilots.

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