It's nearly impossible to be a connoisseur of modern popular culture without finding yourself listening to a Taylor Swift song every now and again. Despite your best efforts, it's easy to hear one of her songs, not realize that it's her, declare your love for it and then realize exactly what has happened. Believe it or not, this is an actual medical condition and 'SNL' and Swiftamine are here to save the day!

Okay, by "actual medical condition," we really mean "really good fake commercial on everyone's favorite long-running late night comedy and variety program," but it's easy to relate to this one. After all, plenty of people have had that moment where they find themselves dancing in their car to a ludicrously catchy song, only to realize too late that they're actually enjoying a Taylor Swift song. The shame-induced dizziness and sickness that follows is only natural and we can't help but really wish that Swiftamine was an actual thing to help us with this condition.

The fake commercial features many 'SNL' regulars, but guest host Chris Rock is a highlight, mainly because it's so difficult to imagine him enjoying any Swift song. However, the cast plays everything straight enough to lend a ludicrous premise juuust enough weight to help the joke land. Also helpful: the incredibly lame (and TV commercial accurate) graphics of tiny Taylor Swift heads invading a brain.