One of the best things about Saturday Night Live alumni returning to host the show is a chance to see some of their iconic characters return. When it comes to modern SNL, you don't get much more iconic than Will Ferrell's George W. Bush, who returned to the show to rub elbows with Fred Armisen's Barack Obama and Jason Sudeikis' Joe Biden.

Like the best of the show's politically-charged sketches, this one weaves its pointed jabs at politicians both past and present into an absolutely absurd and silly situation. Joe Biden has locked himself in his room, pouting that President Obama stole his thunder when he declared his support of gay marriage (Biden did it first, you see). When the president departs for an event (leaving behind $20 so Biden can order pizza), Biden's "imaginary friend" emerges from the closet and it's none other than our previous commander-in-chief, George W. Bush. The two of them share beers and discuss what it's like to play second fiddle to the man in charge (Biden to Obama and Bush to Dick Cheney).

Although Armisen's Obama and Sudeikis' Biden are thoroughly enjoyable, it's an absolute pleasure to see Ferrell's Bush again. Only Tina Fey's Sarah Palin can rival it for sheer cultural impact. Heck, how man SNL impersonations end up inspiring their own one man show? Only one. Welcome back, Will.