It can be an odd experience when former 'SNL' cast members return to host the show. On one level, it's refreshing to see some of your favorite faces return to the stage. On another level, it's a reminder of what the show has lost (especially in a "rebuilding" season like this one). So the season finale's opening monologue was a bittersweet affair, with guest host Andy Samberg being joined by fellow 'SNL' veterans Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and Martin Short.

The opening monologue starts off fun and only escalates. Samberg realizes that he only has to do 23 impressions to have done as many as Hader, so he calls on Meyers to join him and help him power through them all. Meyers reads off various names and Samberg does a quick one-sentence impression, either hilariously nailing them or hilariously not nailing them. In any case, it's a blast watching Samberg do the 'SNL' equivalent of speed dating, but it's even better when Hader himself leaps onto the stage, does the last few impressions himself and retains his record, much to Samberg's disappointment.

And then there's a bunch of fanfare and Hader is given roses and a personal congratulations from Martin Short, which gives Samberg a great opportunity at putting on some faux disappointment. Seeing those four onstage kind of make you wish they could appear in every sketch, huh?