With AMC's 'The Walking Dead' as popular as ever, it's about time that everyone's favorite zombie-related television series made an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Although the sketch goes for a lot of easy jokes, it ultimately (and perhaps unintentionally) calls out the show for one of its biggest recurring problems. Watch it below!

The scene finds everyone's favorite post-apocalyptic survivors (including a hilariously emotionally damaged Carl) doing what they do on a daily basis: surviving by not trusting anyone. Ever. When they meet another survivor played by guest host Kevin Hart, they're immediately suspicious of him, but only because he may have been bitten by a zombie, not because he's, uh, black. The rest of the scene follows the crew as they come up with more convoluted excuses to ignore Hart's increasingly zombie-like behavior, all in an attempt to not appear racist.

Hart is enthusiastic enough and the cast's impersonations of Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and the rest are solid, but most of the gags feel a little too easy and obvious. However, the sketch does a pretty solid job of calling out 'The Walking Dead' on its downright bizarre handling of race (every time a new black character shows up, another one is killed off!) whether it intends to or not.