'Sons of Anarchy' fans are likely feeling on edge after last night's 90-minute thriller "To Thine Own Self," which wrapped up quite a few lingering SAMCRO threads and seemingly moved a number of the Sons out of real danger. But with two episodes left in the season, will it all come crashing down? What will Jax do with Damon Pope, now that he's promised to deliver Tig to the gangster? Does Jax have a plan, or has he become every bit as rutheless as Clay? Check out the latest clip from Tuesday's "Darthy" to find out!

Jax may have successfully maneuvered SAMCRO out of the gun and drug business, but his troubles are far from over. Not only does he need new leverage to finally expose Clay's murderous dealings to the club, but an anxious Damon Pope will soon be on his heels looking for the SAMCRO president to deliver on his promise of handing over Tig!

Entertainment Weekly has a first look at next Tuesday's penultimate season 5 episode "Darthy," which sees Jax meeting with Pope's right-hand man August Marks (Billy Brown) at the future sight of Charming Heights. Might Jax have a plan of his own that involves playing off Marks' loyalty? Or has Jax really been pushed so far over the edge as to sell out one of his brothers?

Take a look at the clip from "Darthy" over at EW, and give us your predictions on how 'Sons of Anarchy' season 5 will end in the comments!

Watch the promo for 'Sons of Anarchy' season 5's "Darthy"