Oh, that Kurt Sutter.  Is there anyone he won't pick a fight with?  The 'Sons of Anarchy' creator and show-runner has a well-documented history of getting a little overzealous on social media, be it his Twitter or his personal blog, but now it seems a real-life area motorcycle gang isn't amused by his antics.  Might 'Sons of Anarchy' go meta by throwing down some real-life fisticuffs?

According to TMZ, 'Sons of Anarchy' creator has himself in a bit of hot water with the Laffing Devils, a San Diego motorcycle club at the center of Discovery Channel series 'The Devils Ride.'  Apparently familiar with the series, Sutter recently tweeted, "Watched Devils Ride. Probably get in trouble for saying this, but I'm pretty sure my SOA actors could kick the sh*t out of this 'real' MC."  The Devils were not amused.

Though Sutter may simply have been stirring the pot in promotion of his own Discovery Channel series 'Outlaw Empires,' prominent member of the Laffing Devils "Sandman" spoke to TMZ about the 'Sons of Anarchy' creator's comments, saying:

I am concerned that Kurt's creative mind is stuck in make-believe land with his recent comment on twitter.

Here's a reality check for ya Kurt ... I am sending a personal invitation to your pretty faced Kurt Cobain look-alike star Jax to come down to San Diego and prove your point. And tell him to wear those shiny white kicks too. I hope he's a size 11, I could use some new shoes.

Sandman was referring to 'Sons of Anarchy' star Charlie Hunnam, as well as the white sneakers the club leader is frequently seen to wear, even if his main beef was with Sutter himself.  Sandman even made mention of Sutter's wife and fellow 'Sons of Anarchy' star Katey Sagal, asking "Peg" (of 'Married with Children') to send him an autographed picture.

Not the kind of press 'Sons of Anarchy' needs going into its fifth season, but crazy stuff!  What say you?  Should Sutter apologize for his comments lest Hunnam find himself under attack, or should everyone chill out?  Tell us what you think, without starting your own beef in the comments below!